BattLoad Testing

"BattLoad Testing" is a trend graph tool utility for iPhone's battery level.

You can log the battery level data with three different kinds of load, location services / WiFi network/ Accelerometer.

1) Tap function button of three kinds of load (Location Services / Radio / Accelerometer) what you want.
2) Set duration and auto stop battery level by tapping small button located right side on the "Load Test" screen.
3) Tap "Start" button to start logging the data. "BattLoad" starts logging.
4) Tap the button again, "BattLoad" will stop logging.
5) To look the log data, tap "Result" tab.

"Load Test" tab:
- Three kinds of load available. Location services, Radio(Network-radio) for WiFi load, Accelerometer.
- When "Radio" turns off automatically, try to tap again. It depends on your WiFi network condition. "Radio" will turn off when switching via WiFi to via Carrier data network by default.
- Duration setting: 30/60/90/120/150/180/210/240 minutes.
- Auto stop battery level setting: OFF / from 10% to 100%(10% step)/ Full.
- The maximum duration is 240 minutes for logging.
- Tap "Radio" button and hold 1 second and release, you can change the setting about "Radio". Set network-radio URL to your favorite URL. By default, sample URLs are set.
- To off the backlight, cover around upper part of iPhone(Proximity sensor) with paper or something.

"Results" tab:
- You can look the test result.

"Status" tab:
- "Status" tab just shows you current battery level.

"BattLoad Testing" helps you to know your iPhone's battery condition.
Have a nice iPhone's life with "BattLoad Testing" !