Flick'n Call

"Flick'n Call" is a great application that can make a phone call easy, simply by rotating the picker wheels.

Smart interface design allows you to select mobile, office or home phone number easily. Also you may easily make a phone call with either one of your hand.

"Flick'n Call" features the Group management function. You can create a new contact group, editing, removing the contact Group is available anytime anywhere on your iPhone itself. Without PC !

And more, in one screen, you can quickly add a person to multiple groups. (i.e. add a person to "Work", "Friends" and "Hobby", etc.)
Of course, these operations would be reflected in iPhone standard contact application.

Another great future of "Flick'n Call" is allows you to dial telephone using DTMF tones, so you don't need to push buttons on telephone any more. Only thing you have to do is after dial the number (with your iPhone), then put your iPhone's speaker close to the mouthpiece of the phone, DTMF-tone sound will automatically dial(*). This is an conventional tool, especially for iPod touch(**) users.

Your iPhone can be an excellent assistant in your office or hotel with "Flick'n Call".

"Flick'n Call" provides you a fun, easy, convenience for your lifestyle assistance !

(*) Adjust volume of the iPhone unit, too loud or too small may not work. Start from a smaller volume, then gradually increase the volume to certain level .
(**) With Speaker of the iPod touch is required.