Keep tempo 120

an unique metronome with a clock-like face

"Metrock" is an unique metronome application with a clock-like face.

Attention: This metronome is for 120BPM tempo music freak. If you play other tempo, check out our other Metrock line-up!

- Precise tempo(120BPM-FIX)
- Various beat(1/4 2/4 3/4 5/4)
- Clock-like unique face with two hands
- Accents
- Mute main-beat available individually

How to use:

1) To start or stop, tap center of Metrock. (Top-right button same function)
2) To add/remove accents, tap inner outer case.
3) To add/remove mute main-beat, tap around big note mark.
4) To change volume, tap to-left tool button.
5) To Save/Load your pattern, tap table on tool screen. Action sheet will appear.

Enjoy music with "Metrock" !