Pocket Music Alarm

Good sleep, good wakeup with your iPod music library

"Pocket Music Alarm" is a alarm clock application with night-sleep fade-out timer.

- Round dot LED like display
- Wake-up fade-in multi alarm
- Night sleep fade-out timer
- You can select songs in your iPod music library
- Song lists for wake-up and sleeping.
- One Shot alarm
- Half volume snooze feature
- Landscape mode

Version 1.1 special feature:
- Four bult-in alarm sound
- Two standard alarm sound
- Two special alarm sound for slow waker
- Especially, recommended "Horn" alarm sound to slow waker

See Review Video:

How to use:
1) To set the "Song List"
First, you need to select songs in your iPod music library. There are two kind of "Song List". One is a song list for wake-up alarm. Another is a song list for sleeping music.
To select songs, tap screen then tool panel will appear. Tap music-note button that located left on the screen.

2) To set alarm time
To set alarm, tap the "alarm button" that located center on the screen. There are two kinds of alarm. One is a "Repeat Alarm" and another is a "One Shot Alarm". Set alarm time with a picker dial, tap "Add" button that located on the top-right of the screen, then alarm will be added to the list. To disable alarm, tap the list item.
The alarms on the "One shot alarm list" will be deleted after the alarm time has come.

3) To set alarm volume e.t.c
Tap any point on the screen. Tool panel will appear and tap "Tool Button" that located right on the screen.
On setting screen, you can specify sleeping fade-out duration, wake-up alarm volume, fade-in duration.

Good night!

* AC power recommended when you sleep.