Sinceapp_store_badge_0708Since” is a very useful and pleasant application to display the elapsed time from an event and distance.

“Since” can display distance and the lapsed time from the locations where a certain event was held. “Since” has a function to store notes and photos. That function is suitable for various information management. You may utilize “Since” as an opposite way, it will tell you information (i.e., remaining time, location) about your future event when you added plan to event.

There is an “Add” button (+) on the top-right for adding a new event, addition to that, there is a “Camera+” button on the screen at the bottom center. That Button is very convenient;
1) When it’s on, a camera function of iPhone starts, then after having taken a photograph, you can add it to a new event easily.
2) In some situations, it takes several tens of seconds iPhone to obtain the location information. So it’s better to keep GPS on, before taking photo. While you’re taking a photo, “Since” will update more precise location information.
3) By setting, the GPS function will be turned on when you push the “Camera+” button automatically.

– display the elapsed time from an event
-A location records automatically with accuracy to the addition of the event when GPS function is on (*)
– “Auto Best Location” function provides better precise location information updating as possible (**)
– GPS button for on and off. In addition, by setting, GPS will work on at start-up application automatically
– can display linear distance from the present location to the place of the event
– can select a kilometer unit or a mile unit
– can display the location of the event on a map with your iPhone (standard application is mounted).
– can add notes to an event
– can add photographs to an event. Able to swipe the photographs in sequence.
– By setting, a full-sized photo that you took can be stored to the Camera Roll too.
– can add the future event
– can search events

There is such a practical use method´╝Ü

* At the beauty salon, you can know the days since your last haircut. You could show photos to the hairdresser about last hairstyle.

* Remaining personal pleasant memories, i.e., traveling, a holiday making, etc.

* When you parked a car at a large parking lot, very easy to find where the parked location was on a map of your iPhone.
* When you go for shopping from the home, and by adding to an event about a shop, a post office, wherever you go, you may know the elapsed time and distance from your home.

* When you found something interesting, and by adding to an event with taking photos, later on, you may look the photographs and/or display the location on a map of your iPhone.

In addition
* For the growth record of the child
* For a record of the learning
* When you stopped a car in the parking lot
* For the record that ate a delicious foods
* For a record of gardening
* To an attendant of the maintenance of the car
* To search the expiration date of the vegetables in refrigerator
* To search an elapsed time after you paint the wall
* To the attendant of the health care
* taking a memo when an idea flashed
* Etc…

(*) “Since” cannot appoint the location value of the place by manual operation.
(**) If iPhone cannot obtain location information, the location value might not be recorded accurately.