Touch Touch Typing

Let's master Kanji-flick-input with touch typing

"Touch Touch Typing" is a "Flick Japanese Kanji Input" training application.

You can lesson Japanese flick-kanji-input with fun.

Features: - Basic lesson menu for beginers
- Special lesson menu for experts
- Challenge mode allows you to improve your "flick-kanji-input" ability
- "Touch Typing" mode allows you to improve your ability more and more
- Keeps your score
- Weak list

How to use:
1) Select menu. Basic menu is for beginners and Special menu is for experts.
On Each sub menu you can select the lesson. After selection, the training screen will appear.

2) Touch typing mode
To change to "Touch Typing" mode, tap the logo area on the main menu. In touch typing mode, you can lesson with non-key-top-keyboard. This mode is for the experts.