How to play

Let's play a recorded sound.


1) Tap PLAY button to start playing.(*1)

2) Tap STOP button to stop playing.

3) Tap PAUSE button to pause playing.

You can go reverse or forward to rotate a Open-Reel.
When recorder is not playing or recording, tap the STOP button again to move to a head position.

Speaker button
Tap Speaker button to change output to receiver or built-in speaker.(*2)

White Recorder has a locator function. You can mark any position.

Select File to play
Tap EJECT button to display a SessionList.
On the Session list screen, tap a session that you want to play.

Session List

(*1)If no audio file selected, "NO SOUND" message will be displayed. Tap EJECT button to select the session.

(*2)If you plugged-in headset or headphone, sound will go there.