Session List

To show a Session List, tap an EJECT-button.

Select Audio File
Tap a session you want to play. Text color will turn to blue with a check mark. And tap RECORDER button to go back to the recorder screen.

Session Detail
Tap a blue button to show the detail information of the session.

Sort Session
Tap a Sort button, then sort menu will appear. You can select No-sorting / newer / older / by name.

When you select "No-Sorting", you can re-order sessions by tapping EDIT button.

Delete Session
To delete sesison, swipe it or tap Edit button.

To appear the current selected play file, tap it. (Group may be changed if it is not member of current group.)

Http Server
You can download and upload audio files between iPhone / iPod Touch and desktop PC.
 White Recorder has built-in web-server function.

Http Server

(*1)Both must be a same Local Area Network member.

From other Device
Tap this button, you can receive audio file from other iPhone / iPod Touch device that installed White Recorder.

Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth will be used.(*2)

(*1)Both device must be in a same LAN.
(*2)Blutooth reaches about 10 meters.