Wipe Me!

Have fun cleaning the screen of your iPhone with "Wipe Me!"!

How do you clean the screen of your iPhone?

When you wipe your iPhone's screen while it is ON, you often happen to accidently launch one of your apps or move the position of one of them...

In order to avoid these issues, are you cleaning your iPhone's screen in sleep mode?

"Wipe Me!" is an innovative application that allows you to enjoy cleaning the screen of the iPhone, It feels just like playing a game!

1) Prepare a thin soft cleaning cloth.
2) Launch "Wipe Me!".
3) Wipe the screen with the cleaning cloth. The parts you clean will turn transparent.
4) Rings of chimes and beautiful images will let you know when you are done cleaning!

Touching the screen with 4 fingers shows the application's options.

You can choose from 3 built-in mask images. And instead of one built-in main image, you can select your favorite image from your photo library on the option screen.

You can also choose the cleaning level from "Perfect", "Standard" and "Rough".
Default setting is "Rough". You need to clean with great attention to complete the "Perfect" level.

Keep your iPhone clean everyday with "Wipe Me!".