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White Recorder 1.7 has been released

White Recorder

White Recorder version 1.7 has been released. OpenGL drawing for Retina display.

Following external microphone/audio unit available:

– FOSTEX AR-4i (Audio unit with stereo microphones)
– LINE 6 Mobile In (Audio interface, stereo line input 48kHz/24bit stereo)
– TEAC iM2 (maybe:-)

White Recorder 1.0 released

White Recorder AppStore

White Recorder AppStore

White Recorder

White Recorder

“White Recorder” is a professional audio recorder application for iPhone / iPod touch.
(iPhone OS 3.1 and later required)

Recording Settings
– Sample Rate: 8 / 11 / 22 / 44.1 / 48 / 96kHz (*1)
– Sample Bit Depth (LPCM): 16-bit / 24-bit / 32-bit(*1)
– Data Format: Linear PCM / Apple Lossless(ALAC) / IMA4 / AAC(*2) / iLBC
– Audio File Format: WAVE(.wav) / CAF(.caf) / AIFF(.aif) / AIFF-C(.aifc) / m4a(.m4a)
– Channels: Auto / Mono / Stereo
– External microphone available.(*3)
– Locator marking

Product Page…

VU Radio Released

VU Radio AppStore

VU Radio AppStore

VU Radio

VU Radio

VU Radio is a internet radio player that has two analog VU meters and JBL like speakers. Two speakers flash synchronized to the music. It offers you a great fun.

If you find some good music, you can add the song title / artist name to favorite song list. You can send an e-mail the song title to your friend, or search its information on the web quickly.

“Packet Saver” feature that radio stops automatically if network connection turns from via WiFi to via carrier network connection. You can listen the internet radio only via WiFi network by setting. WiFi-only setting may avoid huge international roaming charge when your overseas vacation / business.

Product Page…

Tiara Chromatic Tuner Released


Tiara Chromatic Tuner AppStore

Tiara Chromatic Tuner

Tiara Chromatic Tuner

Tiara Chromatic Tuner is a chromatic instrument tuner that allows you to accurately and rapidly tune your instrument.

– Range(sin wave): A0(27.50 Hz)-C8(4186 Hz)
– Concert A pitch: 400.0 Hz … 500.0 Hz (0.1 Hz steps)
– Internal Tuning Accuracy: ±0.1 cent
– Analog Tuning Meter
– Hi-speed response
– Wave Oscilloscope
– Strobe display for harmonics tuning- VU Meter
– Calibration (A4 Reference Tone Required)
– In Tune Flash function

BattLoad Testing 1.0 released

BattLoad Testing

BattLoad Testing AppStore

BattLoad Testing

BattLoad Testing

BattLoad Testing” is a trend graph tool utility for iPhone’s battery level.

“BattLoad Testing” allows you to log the battery level data under three different kinds of loads, location services / WiFi? network/ Accelerometer.?? In fact, background-mesuring would be nice, but unfortunately it’s unauthorized.

However, it can be possible to guess the battery condition by load simulation. It’s so helpful to watch the trend graph under some load(stress).

“BattLoad Testing” gives some loads to iPhone and logs the battery level under some loads. The log-data will be filed every minute.

“BattLoad Testing” helps you to know the condition of your iPhone’s battery.

Clean Me! released


Clean Me! AppStore

Have fun cleaning the screen of your iPhone with “Clean Me!”!

How do you clean the screen of your iPhone?
When you wipe your iPhone’s screen while it is ON, you often happen to accidently launch one of your apps or move the position of one of them…
In order to avoid these issues, are you cleaning your iPhone’s screen in sleep mode?

“Clean Me!” is an innovative application that allows you to enjoy cleaning the screen of the iPhone, It feels just like playing a game!

Since released


Since AppStore

“Since” is a very useful and pleasant application to display the elapsed time from an event and distance.

“Since” can display distance and the lapsed time from the locations where a certain event was held. “Since” has a function to store notes and photos. That function is suitable for various information management. You may utilize “Since” as an opposite way, it will tell you information (i.e., remaining time, location) about your future event when you added plan to event.


There is an “Add” button (+) on the top-right for adding a new event, addition to that, there is a “Camera+” button on the screen at the bottom center. That Button is very convenient;
1) When it’s on, a camera function of iPhone starts, then after having taken a photograph, you can add it to a new event easily.
2) In some situations, it takes several tens of seconds iPhone to obtain the location information. So it’s better to keep GPS on, before taking photo. While you’re taking a photo, “Since” will update more precise location information.
3) By setting, the GPS function will be turned on when you push the “Camera+” button automatically.

– display the elapsed time from an event
-A location records automatically with accuracy to the addition of the event when GPS function is on (*)
– “Auto Best Location” function provides better precise location information updating as possible (**)
– GPS button for on and off. In addition, by setting, GPS will work on at start-up application automatically
– can display linear distance from the present location to the place of the event
– can select a kilometer unit or a mile unit
– can display the location of the event on a map with your iPhone (standard application is mounted).
– can add notes to an event
– can add photographs to an event. Able to swipe the photographs in sequence.
– By setting, a full-sized photo that you took can be stored to the Camera Roll too.
– can add the future event
– can search events

There is such a practical use method:

* At the beauty salon, you can know the days since your last haircut. You could show photos to the hairdresser about last hairstyle.

* Remaining personal pleasant memories, i.e., traveling, a holiday making, etc.

* When you parked a car at a large parking lot, very easy to find where the parked location was on a map of your iPhone.
* When you go for shopping from the home, and by adding to an event about a shop, a post office, wherever you go, you may know the elapsed time and distance from your home.

* When you found something interesting, and by adding to an event with taking photos, later on, you may look the photographs and/or display the location on a map of your iPhone.

In addition
* For the growth record of the child
* For a record of the learning
* When you stopped a car in the parking lot
* For the record that ate a delicious foods
* For a record of gardening
* To an attendant of the maintenance of the car
* To search the expiration date of the vegetables in refrigerator
* To search an elapsed time after you paint the wall
* To the attendant of the health care
* taking a memo when an idea flashed
* Etc…

(*) “Since” cannot appoint the location value of the place by manual operation.
(**) If iPhone cannot obtain location information, the location value might not be recorded accurately.

Flick’n Call released

Flick'n Call

Flick'n Call AppStore

“Flick’n Call” is a great application for iPhone/ iPod touch that can make a phone call easy, simply by rotating the picker wheels.

Smart interface design allows you to select mobile, office or home phone number easily. Also you may easily make a phone call with either one of your hand.

“Flick’n Call” features the Group management function. You can create a new contact group, editing, removing the contact Group is available anytime anywhere on your iPhone itself. Without PC !

Flick'n CallAnd more, in one screen, you can quickly add a person to multiple groups. (i.e. add a person to “Work”, “Friends” and “Hobby”, etc.)
Of course, these operations would be reflected in iPhone standard contact application.

Another great future of “Flick’n Call” is allows you to dial telephone using DTMF tones, so you don’t need to push buttons on telephone any more. Only thing you have to do is after dial the number (with your iPhone), then put your iPhone’s speaker close to the mouthpiece of the phone, DTMF-tone sound will automatically dial(*). This is an conventional tool, especially for iPod touch(**) users.

Your iPhone can be an excellent assistant in your office or hotel with “Flick’n Call”.

“Flick’n Call” provides you a fun, easy, convenience for your lifestyle assistance !

(*) Adjust volume of the iPhone unit, too loud or too small may not work. Start from a smaller volume, then gradually increase the volume to certain level .
(**) With Speaker of the iPod touch is required.

DTMFPad released


DTMFPad AppStore

“DTMF Pad” is a very simple DTMF-tone dialer application. (FREE)

“DTMF Pad” allows you to dial telephone using DTMF tones. Put your iPhone’s speaker close to the mouthpiece of the phone, DTMF-tone sound will dial(*). This is useful for iPod touch(**) users too.



This application is also for testing DTMF-tone function of my other application named “Flick’n Call”. You can check DTMF-tone function would work with your environment before you purchase “Flick’n Call”.

(*) Adjust volume of the iPhone unit, too loud or too small may not work. Start from a smaller volume, then gradually increase the volume to certain level .
(**) With Speaker of the iPod touch is required.